Pacific Ocean Bond

Outputs: Peer-reviewed Ocean Bond Criteria &
Feasibility and Impact of a Pacific Ocean Bond, including three bond concepts
Outputs in review
Consultant: Asia Research & Engagement

The Pacific Ocean Bond project seeks to (1) Design and recommend alternative bond structures which meet the strategic priorities of mitigating risks to ocean health, increasing resilience of Pacific Communities, generating sustainable economic development opportunities across multiple sectors and attracting long-term capital to the POF11 region as well as (2) Build support and develop guidance for investors and investees with an action plan for issuance of such a bond instrument. The consulting team working is internationally represented with combined depth of experience across blue economy development, ocean finance, sustainable investment research and investor engagement.

The Pacific Ocean Bond Project was in Fiji in May for a round of regional stakeholder consultations. They met with several parties in in Nadi and Suva between 30 Apr – 13 May. OPOC helped co-organise a Blue Bond Workshop on 9 May 2019. We thank all who attended the workshop for your contributions.


Based on the regional stakeholder consultations to date, the team has developed 3 feasible bond structure alternatives for a Pacific Ocean Bond for consideration:


1)      The Pacific Ocean Impact Bond

2)      The Pacific Ocean Resilience Bond

3)      The Pacific Ocean Climate Mitigation Bond


In formulating these three options, they aimed to achieve financing that: (1) is clearly additional, (2) delivers direct and strong ocean impact, (3) provides clarity to investors across investor types. 


These are in draft stage and they invite your feedback. Please contact Xinying ( for more details on the structures.

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