Large-Scale Marine Protected Area Finance

* Literature Review & Desktop Analysis of finance strategies for 10 LSMPA
* 3 Case Studies on LSMPA Finance Strategies
* Guidance on improving the landscape for LSMPA finance
* Guidelines on strengthening LSMPA Finance for LSMPA practitioners
Expected June 2020
Consultant: Conservation International, in partnership with Starling Resources & Big Ocean

Marine protected areas are a critical tool in preventing biodiversity and habitat loss and ensuring the sustainability of critical ocean resources. Large-scale Marine Protected Areas (LSMPA) are defined as protected areas or networks of protected areas that cover more than 100,000 square kilometres. LSMPAs are instrumental in meeting agreed targets, such as the setting aside of 10% of marine and coastal areas for protection, as specified in Aichi target 11. While LSMPAs bring singular benefits, they also pose unique challenges. Key among these is the financing required for effective management of LSMPAs. The objectives of this project are to critically analyse existing LSMPA finance and to develop guidance on the best practices for LSMPA finance.